Finger Splints


These splints are all: Malleable aluminum for strength of ease and forming. Resistant to most fluids, open cell blue breathable foam lined, X-ray and MRI penetrable.
Fold Over Splint
For use with multiple fractures of the phalanges.
Size: S, M, L, XL

Four Prong Splint
For finger or thumb immobilization.
Size: XS, S, M, L

Toad Finger Splint
Used to hold interphalangeal joints in correct alignment following distal joint injuries.
Size: S, M, L

Gutter Finger Splint
Used for dislocations and transverse fractures. Curved to conform to finger in semi-flexed positions.

Alum Finger & Hand Splints
For fractures, sprains, dislocations, bruises and lacerations. May be formed to immobilize finger and hand injuries.
Options: White closed cell laminated polyethylene foam; blue open cell breathable foam.

Lewin Baseball Finger Splint
Easily molded to finger, yet retains its strength. Used on fractures of digital phalanx
Options: Padded Only

Padded Finger Splint Kit
Padded Finger Splint Kit An assortment of 45, 57, or 69 padded finger splints packaged in an attractive storage container. When closed, this kit makes a handy carrying case. Ideal for doctors’ offices, clinics, emergency rooms and industrial first-aid departments.
Options: Available in white or blue foam

Stax Finger Splint Kit
An assortment of 30 stax splints, packaged in an attractive storage container.
Options: Clear, Beige

Stax Finger Splints
Designed to support the distal joint of the finer in extension while permitting unrestricted movement of the proximal interphalangeal joint. The stax splint is normally used without padding and is fixed to the middle phalanx with a small adhesive strip, thus automatically elevating the distal joint to its proper extended position. In cases where the finger may be too tender, a large splint with padding on the inside should be used until it can be replaced with a normal-sized stax splint.
Sizes: Available in eight sizes.
Options: Clear, Beige