Apparel Boning


Spiral Boning

Perfect for foundation garments such as corsets and body shapers, or active sportswear such as knee and wrist braces.
The innovative design of this galvanized, spring steel, round wire with dual, flattened coils has the following benefits:

  • Flexibility on all axis allowing unlimited, creative garment design and supported, consumer mobility
  • Exclusive, new technology resulting in soft powder-coated ends (with NO sharp-edged caps)

Lengths: Cut to your specifications.

Width: 6mm

Plastic Boning

Excellent for intimate apparel, evening wear or any garment requiring flexible support for body contouring.
This lightweight, extruded polypro boning has the following advantages:

  • No risk of corrosion.
  • Rounded edges for smooth garment entry.
  • Maximizes consumer comfort.
  • Natural opaque finish that is esthetically pleasing in sheer garment design.

Lengths: Cut to your specifications.

Width Thickness
6mm 0.040″
1/2″ 0.060″
1/2″ 0.060″

White Boning

Suitable for any garment demanding stable and reliable support.
The white plastic coating and rounded, white coated ends provide the following benefits:

  • rotect the surface of this durable, carbon steel, flat wire boning.
  • Facilitate insertion of the boning into garments.
  • Maximize the garment’s longevity and consumer satisfaction.

Lengths: Cut to your specifications

Width Thickness
6mm 0.014″
5/16″ 0.018″
3/8″ 0.014″
1/2″ 0.014″

Flex Stays

“The Revolutionary Spiral Stay Alternative”
Patented by Higgins Supply Company, Inc.
1. Superior Design & Durability

  • Can be implemented in any application currently using traditional, galvanized steel, spiral stays.
  • Insertion-friendly product with rounded edges and no sharp-edged caps to snag or cut through finished garments.
  • Opaque appearance minimizes showing through garments.
  • Flexible support prevents garment rolling or twisting while allowing garment to conform to wearers’ movement on all axis.
  • Resumes its natural position when not flexed with no deformation after extensive usage.
  • Strength and durability have proven to be the same, if not greater than that of the traditional spiral.

2. Cost Savings

  • Flex Stay product is a less expensive option than the spiral stay.
  • Insertion-friendly product with rounded edges and no sharp-edged caps to snag or cut through finished garments.
  • Freight costs will decrease for raw material and finished goods because the Flex Stay is 66% lighter weight than the spiral stay.

3. Improved Consumer Satisfaction

  • Increased consumer comfort due to lighter weight finished product and no sharp-edged caps.
  • Improved safety as product is non-conductive.
  • Increased product longevity due to reduced pocket wear, no stay corrosion and minimized tendency for breakage or “poke-through”.

4. 6mm Sewable

  • Our new patented sew through flex stay is our latest improvement to this very popular product. The patented sew through technology saves time in the sewing over traditional spiral metal boning. Flex stays also give you a 66% weight reduction over traditional spiral boning which is a huge plus with the sleeker lightweight products being designed today. We currently manufacture seventeen different lengths from three to eleven inches. We are also adding different lengths if volume warrants. Please call or e-mail to request a flex stay sample package today!
Flex Stays
Width Length
6mm” 3”, 5.5″, 6″, 6.5″, 7″, 11”

Plastic Underwire

Higgins plastic underwires are a nice alternative to metal underwires. Plastic underwires are designed for softness and comfort in mind. There are also many advantages in using plastic underwires, one of which is that they will not activate metal detectors in airports and prisons. They also have never been linked to health conditions such as breast pain and metal allergies. Ideally used in lightweight apparel and swimwear.